And he’s off!!!!

At our AGM on 12th May, David Waltham our treasurer of 7 years will be stepping down. Do not fear, David will be staying on for one more year to support and help our new treasurer Caroline Harnett. On behalf of everyone at 2nd Marlborough Scout Group, hirers and users of the hall we would

A new year for scouting, can you help?

Our AGM will be held at the scout hut on May 12th at 7:30pm and this marks the end of another eventful year and that start of a new one. This is the time when we are particularly looking for new scout leaders and, if that’s not for you, other types of helpers such as

Bonfire Night Details

Our annual bonfire night is back! The highlight of the scout-group calendar attended by hundreds of local people and your chance to see the best display in the town. As usual the entrance fee is “whatever you can afford” collected in a bucket at our gate. We’ll have our usual collection of stalls, food, non-alcoholic

Wanted, New Exec Members

Want to help but don’t want to help run a beaver, cub or scout pack? You can, instead, join the Executive Committee and we are looking for new members. The Executive does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work in support of the pack leaders. At the moment we’re particularly looking for an assistant treasurer with

Bonfire Night Raffle & Save The Date

The 2nd Marlborough Scouts Group Bonfire Night is one of the highlights of the year and one of the things we all missed out on in 2020. We’re really hopeful it will be able to run this year and we’ve set a date of Nov 6th. Put it in your diaries now. We’re also planning,

New Executive Committee

A new executive committee took over running of 2nd Marlborough Scout Group at our AGM on May 10th 2021. The really big change was that Donna Kirby took over as chair of the Executive after several years with Derek Baker in charge. We’ll miss Derek’s calm approach but energetic Donna has hit the ground running

Access Ramp for Scout Hut

In Ancient Times (i.e. just before the first Covid lockdown) you may remember that we had a magnificent ball in Marlborough Town Hall to raise funds. In fact, we raised about £6000 and we’ve now used that to install an access ramp for the entrance to the Scout Hut. The Scout Hut is used by

New Prices for the New Session

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are incredibly good value for money, and that’s thanks to all our volunteer leaders who give their time for free. All our work to raise funds, and the fact that we hire our hall to other organizations, also mean that Marlborough Scout Group is very low cost even compared to most